Nosler 22/224″ 52gr SHOTS Accuracy

If you ever doubt the accuracy of the .224 Nosler 52gr BTHP SHOTS, this should go some way in giving some serious comfort. While I am getting consistent groupings of ± 20 to 25mm at 100m (a tad under MOA) from my Bruno .223rem, one of my fellow Bushveld Conservation Bureau ( BCB)  members, Peter S (otherwise known as “Proof-Load Pete”) produced this ± 7mm, 7 shot grouping at 100m.

I am humbled.

Groups measured as follows: outer edges less calibre (ie.  center-2-center of furthest rounds)


Date: Mon, May 2, 2011 at 8:23 PM
Subject: Group 22-250

Hi Ev

The groups shot today (01 May 2011)

It is a 7 shot group the first shot out of a cold barrel is the one that opens the group up – top right 6.1mm and 7.22mm

Rifle Ruger M77 VT
Caliber 22-250
Bullet Nosler Shots 52g HPBT
Case Sako
Primer CCI 200
Powder S335     34.8 grains  
Velocity 3850fps