Thoughts on hunting and conservation.

OK, so the non-hunting public seem to have difficulty in using hunting and conservation in the same sentence. The sad truth is that by knocking hunting, the most well meaning non hunter is unknowingly knocking the the biggest driver of the South African conservation success story. 

Peter Flack has an extremely good DVD on this very subject and I would recommend every hunter lay their hands on a copy of this DVD, and be in a position to not only defend our sport, but inform those around them not to be critical of an activity that does untold good for the conservation cause.

My friend Sean Murphy, of Black Powder fame, summed it up perfectly… “The biggest problem facing wildlife today is loss of habitat. Game ranching supplies this habitat. Game ranching is paid for by hunting activities…. Its quite simple really”

Be informed. Be in a position to educate those around you.

That is the world according to Evan for today.